Friday, January 3, 2014


I'm not sleeping tonight so let's have at it

Target legs and feet turn into arms and hands respectively, touch only, save to resist if unwilling

Causes 1d4 targets per 3 levels to treat the surface of liquids as an impermeable border, 10' per level range, save to resist if unwilling

Shoot lasers from your eyes.  Touch attack 1d8 damage per level, 100' + 25/level range, melts metals, catches flammable objects, save to resist or you're on fire.  HIGHER LEVEL OPTION: Lasts for a full round, you get to strafe everything you can direct your eyes at

Take a seventy-seven year-old fish skeleton, coat it in pine tar, gold nugget teeth of the drowned, let it harden and then rot upon the greenwood plate of a malicious tree for eight days at the edge of a swiftly flowing and deep river.  At the end of the eight days the fish will leap into the river and Asmar the Bone Eel will chase it, eat it, and return to perform a single task that can take up to a week and a day to accomplish.  For Asmar, unbound by the laws of the living, unbreathing, seeker of the hidden canals, may pass through waterways unknown and come into aqueducts, bounded and stagnant lakes, pipes and sewer systems, or wheresoever he desires.

Your fingers turn into needles which can claw for 1d6 damage, but there are also now bulbous blisters at the end of your fingers which accept liquids and store them and can inject them on a successful attack.  Lasts 1/turn per three levels, each hand only gets one liquid, don't let some jackanape break your needle-fingers

Pull out your beard hairs and throw them to the ground and each hair turns into an unnaturally elongated and incredibly tough strand that seeks out and bores into the flesh of nearby creatures (attack = caster level+Int) and connects them together.  Causes 1d6 damage to each creature in a 10 foot diameter and they can't move more than 10 feet from each other but they can shuffle together at half speed or rip out the strands for another 1d6 damage

Target's arm falls onto the ground, it's a clean bloodless cut.  Save to resist

Target's arm tries to attack the target! Strangle, stab, let go of ladder, whatever. Save each round to resist

Your arms turn into long poisonous suckered tentacles.  Range 10', Strength = Int+4, 2 attacks per round at 1d8 + Str and save to resist paralyzation for 1d3 rounds (doesn't stack).  They're kind of clumsy, you can't wield weapons or manipulate delicate tools.  1 round per level

3 crystal versions of yourself step out of your body, so you're all split up.  Your armor is increased by 4, and your HP is split between each version.  If a copy dies, you lose all that HP when they recombine.  If a copy is afflicted with an effect, that effect afflicts you when you recombine.  The emerald copy may cast spells, is immune to poison, blindness, and mind-affecting abilities, gains +4 to Wisdom, and moves at half speed.  The ruby copy deals 2d6 fire damage with a touch attack, causes water to boil and steam away, is immune to disease and fear, may see in the dark, gains +4 to Intelligence, and moves at normal speed.  The diamond copy gains damage reduction 10, 50% resistance to divine magic, always knows its next attack roll, +4 to Strength, may shine a brilliant light (like a flood-light in every direction), and moves at one and half times normal speed.  The copies must meet and recombine after 1d4 rounds per level, else the copy left behind turns to permanent stone, thus depriving the caster of one-third of their levels per statue left behind.

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  1. That fish skeleton is my favorite jam! Although anything that has to do with weaponizing body parts with fast mutations gets my vote.