Thursday, March 14, 2019

6 things

g+ dead, back out cold, computer dead, i’m home from work. guess i’ll blog

6 jewels
1. bright red, set in campire to burn it brighter, rest for 1 hour get 1d10 temp hitpoints
2. cold and clear as night sky, sought by Vernalus Varn to contain his unruly twin soul
3. small can fit in fold of palm, gleaming green. piece of sky of shattered Janthus, can empower spells that cause flight to last twice as long, or affect one other person but last 1/2 as long
4. smoky, knuckle sized. crystalized thoughts of self entombed dwarf mage. inside is spell flesh to crystal
5. a pin, on head of pin is fleck of diamond, inside diamond fleck is fortress, the fortress of Yorgund Grasl, hidden king
6. livid purple, shines in starlight bright as a torch. skeletons seek the holder

6 enemy (boss?) powers
1. set all in sight on fire
2. spell cast on it empowered, gets cast by enemy for free next round
3. gleaming shining anime tears (always crying), its sadness gives it unbreakable strength (strength 30), and it can dodge one attack for free every round; if you cheer it up it cant do this
4. its allies are weapons — has like 5-6 guys fighting with it that it can transform into overpowered weapons (scythe, double sword, massive sword, meteor hammer, etc) that all deal at least one dice extra in dmg and like does cleave and are magical
5. turn into shadow when moves, only corporeal when still or attacking
6. shiny rubber skin. can fall from any height. projectile weapons bounce off.

6 friendly NPCs
1. Roga Lorn, bread baker, hates her neighbors, handmakes
miniature figurines to put in her breads as surprises
2. Ferelda Blight, a fine but little known pianist, is always out buying flowers for her house and piano, likely witness to anything the PCs do in public
3. Xelda, a blue-nosed dog, desiring meats and friendship, her owner is always drinking at whatever bar the PCs are at, so Xelda is also always around
4. Posl, gender ambiguous but attractive and a little too rambunctious, training in same weapon as the PC but a little more advanced, eggs PC on to do things maybe not such a great idea
5. Mundo Mon, a walking cleric of the Glass Hills, shows up exclusively when PCs have taken a hard hit, can offer very limited healing for a cheap price, and advice on good nearby views
6. Ultra Vog, a princess in disguise, she appears to be an older man practiced with the machete and hammer, a fan of the PCs, but gets herself into trouble and takes foolhardy risks as soon as she meets them, every single time