Friday, November 7, 2014

Forever into the sunset

So it's what . . .  four months later?

The gang took down the Overking of All the Lands.  They broke into his fortress, released the captive princess Derrida von Chasm from where she was chained beside his throne next to a pile of loot and a wedding bed, transported the loot down the cliffside onto the horses there, lured the Overking and part of his warband into the fortress, dropped the portcullis, turned the ramp that the goblins scrabbled on into mud, greased the walls so the goblins kept falling off, wrested the Seventeen-Eyed Spite Crown from Overking's head, melted his demon armor by pouring metal-to-ice potion through murder holes, pulled from his side the spear that was granting him invulnerability, and turned him to stone with the magic sword that St. Coreme granted them in return for killing the witches Frost and Thorn.

There was a moment of stunned silence and then they fled onto the waiting horses and rode into the sunset.

So that was our last game pretty much.  Turns out that running a campaign over video while trying to acclimate to a new city wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.  But it was a good ending.

I'm scheming to start a new game though.  I keep saying to friends, "Hey, so . . . do you want to play Dungeons and Dragons?"  My boyfriend Bobby says yes.  He even has dice.  "Can I be a robot?"  "Ummm... yes.  Wait, I don't know.  I mean.  Maybe not.  What kind of robot? Only if you can find a really good picture of a robot.  Maybe you should not be a robot.  Well, a robot could be good."  "Why can't I be a robot, Nate?"

Cue days of indecision.

His roommate Glen who owns a cafe in San Francisco says yes.  Bobby's bike mechanic Angus plays Magic the Gathering so I bet he would play Dungeons and Dragons.  My co-worker Ocean says that she hates fantasy and will never play Dungeons and Dragons.  My co-worker Chris says yes, and that the only other time he played a roleplaying game it was Shadowrun, and he made a cloak and wore it.  My roommate Adam says maybe.  I said to Bobby today, "The problem is - what room do we play it in?"  "What are you talking about Nate?"  "We need a large table."  "Can you play without a large table?"  "It's not really that fun.  You might better spend your time doing something else if you don't have a large table."  I looked at his small kitchen table and considered.  "Yours is small."  "Oh but Nate," says he, "it can extend to double its size."  "Ahhh..."

I do not even know what kind of world the campaign would be.  How will I find time to write as well as work as well as work out as well as go to shows in Oakland as well as play Dungeons and Dragons?  I'm very bad at scheduling, when I started playing in Philadelphia I made Shayne do all the scheduling and coordinating.  But then I remember that dream I had with the beautiful medusa in the small room, and the idea of simple initiative but you re-roll initiative every round, and imagine my friends pretending to be knights and witches, and see all these new ideas on the blogs, and I really want to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Meanwhile the gang keeps on riding those horses southward with the treasure and the princess.  Farewell Dirtface and Sad Ed and Jaime von Klaw and Grim and Frederick and the rest.  May we meet again in another reality.