Saturday, January 25, 2014

the digits change minute every minute but the sun doesn't rise

so let's make up some more spells

This spell causes a younger brother or sister (opposite sex) to have been retroactively born to your opponent.  They're an evil younger brother or sister.  So they hate your opponent but they're probably just evil in general


Like a spell that makes your toes wiggle off your body and grow small mouths that speak in high-pitched, mocking voices.  Each toe can move 5' per round, has really good stealth, and can be allowed to cast a single spell which you endow it with.  Toes don't grow back if they're killed.  Lasts until toe returns and gets back on your foot.

You turn into night-time.  When night falls your mind soul and body integrates with the entire blanketing field of night which swallows this plane as the snake eats the moon.  Get a really restful sleep.  Totally invulnerable for the duration.  Return at sunrise.  GM allows you to have learned a secret which occurred that night, but it probably won't pertain to your problems due to the hugeness of the night.  Can only be cast outside at sunset.

A silver thread descends from the heavens hundreds of feet overhead.  Your somewhat more comely double slips down the thread, grinning with the force of a barely suppressed secret.  Your double would like to tell you about their best friend, who happens to be the double of your worst enemy.  They tell you that their friend thinks of you all the time.  They hand you the slightly more beautiful and well-crafted double of your worst enemy's most prized weapon, which their friend has kindly lent them for the duration, and tells you that if you lay the killing blow on your worst enemy with that weapon, their best friend will replace that worst enemy, and everything will be swell.  But if you don't use that weapon, their best friend and your double are gonna do the same for your next worst enemy remaining after their death.  Okay? Pretty good deal?  Hands outstretched, grinning face moving close to yours, eyes wide, very pleased, very confident and proud of you.

Your hands just dissolve into air.  Your arms end in fuzzy blurred ends.  Objects you touch with the blurred ends get dissolved and fuzzy too.  Not big things like an entire castle but small things like a door or a window or an axe you know.  Or a potion.  So when you've touched a number of objects equal to your level they line up and start to just follow you around.  A line of blurred fuzzy things following you around.  If you touch them with your normal hand they zip back to their original location and act like normal again.

An arrow pushes out of your flesh. Write a name on the arrow.  Shoot this arrow at someone.  That someone now hates the owner of the name written on that there arrow.

You have to paint a line around your neck.  Okay

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