Saturday, January 18, 2014

Armjourth, the Pearl of the Tundra, has a twin!

The white elf Armjourth speaks!

"For eight hundred and eighty-eight years ago my lord Lazareth the Unattainable saw fit to plant in my flesh a poison, which grew like cancer, and split, and birthed my own twin, the sorcerer Uncrettin, perfect to my likeness except for bearing no flesh upon his bones, and opposite to my temperament and disposition.  And in his vileness he stole from me the Secrets of the Many Octacled Bindings, and the Imprisonment of the Putrefying Corpse, which I used in my devotions to Perfect Lazareth, and which he uses to his own sorcerous ends.  You ask how you may return the favor of the care I have given you these past months?  Travel ye north into the lands of Velenheim, to Uncrettin's Fungal Garden, and there steal back the Octacles, which once occupied the many shelves you see about you.  And kill him if you must."

A very scary place, courtesy Carcosa

Pits of bones

Roseanne the snow leopard and Frederick Longtooth inhaled the white lotus powder which spills from the broken heads of white lotus zombies

Mindflayers tending to the lotus flowers which grow from the open mouths of living men, submerged in basins of water, and chained.  The mindflayers can cast a 15' cone mindblast for 5d6 damage and a save v. spell or paralyze for 1 round. Among other abilities.

Hordes of white lotus zombies, just so very many of them, holding skulls filled with jale slime which they hurl at intruders

And a mindflayer rung a green bell beside a black lake, from which emerged a gigantic seven-eyed gecko.  And when Ignacio the eighth level druid approached the gecko to befriend, indeed it did form a hand from its flesh, grab Ignacio, split open on the seams down its entire bulk to reveal a toothed mouth, and killed him in one bite.

So okay, people who die: new possible character races: snowleopard man, hyena man, lizardman crowperson, mutant dwarf, half demon, ghoul, pantherman, elf crossbreed (half one color half the other); sorts of people: pirate, witch, servant of chaos, thrall of velenheim, citizen of quallmar or abazidun or the moriad, ovgalad, the cobalt isles; if you're a powerful race with weird powers you're essentially starting at level 2 or 3 depending; feel free to grab classes from 2e, weird classes from the internet also okay subject to the approval and modification of yrs truly.

And now the guys are hauling the two halves of Ignacio back to the surface.  It's a rough week.

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