Monday, January 20, 2014

A Shrine to Urizen

This circular room is made of carved stone.  The floor is set with red tiles.  On a gilded dais in the center of the room is a statue of Urizen, the Changer of Ways.  He appears to be a hideous vulture draped in robes.  He bears a staff with the sign of the half-moon, and points at a door.

Shrine-door: A violet door, emblazoned with the sign of the half-moon.

The walls have been painted violet, and the floor is of polished white marble.  Two depressed sections are filled with fresh water, fed from fountains carved as skeletal fish.  Within the water are many badly deformed skulls, all carved with the symbol of the half-moon.  The far door is made of beaten copper.

Violet walls, white marble floors.  At the top of four steps is another statue of Urizen, presiding over a low, wide marble altar.  Each step is painted a different color – first step is white, second step is light blue, third step is dark blue, and the final step is violet.   On the altar are a golden chalice, an iron wand, a dagger, and a scattering of gold coins.   

All feel dread and nausea at the sight of the Demon Lord.  Their feet become as heavy as lead weights.  Unless they roll under half their Charisma, they may only ascend the steps one step at a time.  Each step causes a different ailment for those that don’t perform the correct rites of abasement: 1. Cause fear, 1d10 rounds 2. Hallucination 1d10 minutes – skin seems to be crawling with insects that erupt from their skin 3. Mutate – player must roll on d1000 mutation table, effective immediately 4. Symbol of Death – player’s soul flees their body, on successful save causes comatose sleep for 1d4 hours.  If items are lifted from the altar, the half-moon of Urizen’s scepter blazes forth a blinding light, and the players’ shadows come to life and attack.

The chalice is expensive and valuable; the wand contains a spell which transforms the target into a ravening orc over d6 hours, with d8 charges left; the dagger is extremely well-made; and there are 38 gold pieces upon the altar

Shadows as usual have 3 HD, AC 12, incorporeal, immune to normal weapons, and a touch attack to drain Strength

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