Monday, December 16, 2013

Overnight Spells

My new job involves staying up all night.  I wrote these on the BART back to Oakland after 13 hours of sleeplessness.  Not sure what level to make these so suggestions are appreciated.

A random d20 number, which the target rolls, is infected with the next spell cast on them.  The first casting does not take effect, but will repeat every time they roll that number a number of times equal to the caster's level divided by three.

Turns one of caster's arms into a crocodile head that bites for d8+Str and allows for automatic grab, with a grapple check equal to caster level, dealing automatic bite damage on subsequent rounds.

Turns target's hair into a mass of angry and venomous snakes.  They attack the target and all adjacent for level/3 rounds.  v target : attack +caster level d8 damage and 1d8 STR and CON damage for two rounds; v. adjacent targets: +caster level d3 damage and 1d3 STR and CON.  Short range.

Transforms a chosen word into a random animal that lasts for 1/turn per level. (you have a random animal table right?)  Character may no longer speak or hear that word as long as the spell lasts.  If the animal is slain, the word is lost forever.  Short range.

Causes a touched weapon to instantly shrink and multiply into a swarm of gnat-sized versions of itself, which suspend in the air, attacking all in 5x5x5 area for weapon damage (no STR bonus, magical effects apply), halving movement speed, and providing concealment.  Lasts 1 round/level, after which the weapons drop harmlessly to the ground.

Willing target vomits a complicit grey ooze.  Target must succeed on a saving throw to quickly vomit or takes damage as it comes up.  Lasts 1 round/level after which the ooze becomes free willed.

Causes 1' squared per level of thin glass (windows, panes, potion bottles) to silently disappear.  If cast upon a glass creature, deals 1d8 damage/level and suffer normal consequences of having a section of your body vanish.

Causes a lightsource to stop producing light, and instead produce invisibility in its normal radius.  Blocking the 'light' causes the invisibility to be blocked, can be refracted, reflected, etc.  1 round/level

Causes a reflective surface to allow objects, creatures, and magical effects to pass back through it into the same world.  Entities thus passed maintain the same velocity, angle, and effect after passage, but are physically reversed.  Level/3 rounds.

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