Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday morning in West Philly

I was hungover on my friend Wendy's couch one Sunday morning and made this.  It's been on my wall.  Her 5-year-old kid Elu was pretty freaked out that some shirtless moustached man was on his couch drawing on a brown bag, but then Wendy was like, 'Elu, you met him, that's Nate," and he got over it.  He'd rolled in my game once and then got too tired to continue, which is a problem many of us adults also endure.  I pointed out the "bunch of skeletons" in room 46 which he thought was cool, and I also got to explain the concept of room 4 which is, "Okay so in this room the floor has all fallen away because it's really old, and there are skeletons with grappling hooks that will try to grab you."  He said, "Cool!"

This is maybe not that legible so I've made a few notes.  Click for bigger, and then open in new tab for really big (still haven't figured out how to make this process easier).

1. Room 16: "breaking the hourglass causes time to stop in the fortress, + releases a time worm that tunnels into the future. Moves to random room every minute." (presumably the players could follow) Arrow helpfully points out that it is "impossible to act on world when time is stopped"

2. Room 26: "A ravenous turnip spirit lives here. If you break the mirror floor . . . reality breaks too"  I think the ellipses indicate the time it took for me to think of the rest of the sentence.

3. Room 33: This is the boss-room, you have to go through the locked door in the bottom of room 4 and bypass the "hex puzzle" in room 28.  Here is the leader of the hyena-men, Vermillion Hexclaw, formerly named "Lust Pus the Cheerless" in Diablo 2 style, until Wendy pointed out that it looked like I'd written "Lust, Pus two cheetahs" which is much better, so now he's guarded by a pair of cheetahs.

4. This is the throne he sits on.  "throne has really long legs like this"

5. "basilisk, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 damsel, twinks, + a cleric of scorn as prisoners"  This is to indicate that the mazy hallway in the northeastern part of the hyena-man fortress has been left unguarded and unlocked except by a free-roaming basilisk, which the hyena-men consider lock and guard enough.  Notice the six-legged basilisk on the lower-left.

6. Room 44: "twink"

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