Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black Abazidun

So here's my riff on Zak's evocative descriptions of the Cobalt Reach.

Equatorial belt south of everything.

Here the dwarven devotees of Goaz, God of Diamonds, have carved a kingdom of cannibalism, blood, magic, and war.  The red elves have been driven from their temples, which lie empty and overgrown.  And Goaz, who rules the dwarves and lives among them, shines a light of corruption into the jungle, and cancer is rampant among dwarf, dinosaur, goblin, elf, and plant.  The dwarven tunnel kingdoms are filled with the radiation of Goaz, and their abominations are shunned, forced to the surface, or destroyed.  The elves fill the jungles with the bones of their enemies.


1-15 Thick black jungle
16-20 Thick fluorescent, neon jungle
21-24 Nearly impassable black jungle crossed by narrow, labyrinthine paths
25 Nine giant trees grown together at their crown, and at the apex a stone red elf hermitage
26-27 Giant tree hanging with violet moss
28-29 Giant tree choked with poison vines
30 Cancerous trees which rain orange drops from their bleeding branches
31 Field of screaming vines
32-33 Field of carnivorous stinging vines
34-38 Roaring river, iridescent foam froths atop
39 Rapids which flow through a bed of rusting dwarven war machines
40 A great stone bridge stretching over a poison river, its supports crumbling, and dwarven skulls hang beneath
41-44 Undulating mountains
45 Undulating mountains, and a dwarven wall along the peaks
46-47 Deep canyon filled with hanging vines and fungus
48-50 Deep river canyon filled with blue mist
51 Floating rock island pouring forth a river
52 Floating rock island converted into a dwarven guard tower
53 Floating rock island with radioactive diamond embedded in one side, slowly rotating, and shining forth a poison light
54-57 Broken mesas with thick black jungle atop
58-60 Broken mesas linked by ropes
61 Dwarven rock garden, carved from a mesa that has been whittled apart into a winding labyrinth
62-63 A scalding poison lake dotted with islands
64 A scalding poison lake, and a dwarven warlord's fortress in the center
65 A red elf temple to Lazareth the Unattainable
66 Red elf drowning pools
67 A red elf obelisk draped in prayer flags
68 Blue singing stone (warped and corroded and pock-marked, so that the wind whistles through it and creates a hymn to Lazareth the Unattainable)
69 Massive stone hand painted red, yellow, blue, violet, green
70 Massive stone head guarded by red elf amazons
71-73 Massive diamond shard embedded in ground, emitting radiation
74-76 Volcanic vent spewing radioactive blue gas
77-79 Volcanic column that periodically leaks lava
80 Lava field, partially hardened, and glowing blood-flowers grow from it
81-82 Dwarven lava channels breaching the surface
83-86 Dwarven guard tower
87-89 Pile of gigantic and rusted gears
90 Skull-shaped entrance to dwarven fortress
91 Dwarven sacrificial pyramid stained with torrents of blood
92-93 Unidentifiable red elf ruins, and among them an entrance to the underworld
94 Statue of Zuggtmoy, Queen of Putrescence, in a mushroom grove
95 Statue of Ancibin, Prince of the Winds, carved from a blue singing stone
96 A stone and metal gate to Hell, twisted and shattered, and the jungle around it glows with an unknown colour
97-98 Violet bog
99 Violet bog with red elf temple submerged within
100 A smoking crater with a burning white stone in the center, and the jungle around it is flattened, and burns


1-5 Oppressively hot and humid; the trees drip unceasingly - it must have rained in the past week
6-9 Thick blue fog
10 Glowing, radioactive fog-bank
11-15 Torrential downpour
16-17 Torrential radioactive downpour
18 Ash rain, and lightning storms in the ashen clouds
19 The sky today is a lurid green and the voice of Goaz makes divine pronouncements far, far away
20 Brilliant auroras that can be seen even in the day shimmer across the sky


1 a tyrannosaurus rex led on chains by 2d10+10 dwarves
2-3 1 or 2 tyrannosaurus rexes
4 1 tyrannosaurus hex
5-8 d8+6 pterodactyls
9-10 1 or 2 blue leopards
11 d6 basilisks
12-13 d3 ankylosauruses
14-15 d10+6 raptors bearing weapons
16 blindheim
17 d6 basilisks
18-20 d10+6 white apes
21-22 vampire with scabrous bite (turns all your blood into scab, and then he eats you like chips)
23-25 3, 6, or 9 chameleon men
26-27 1d4 giant irradiated, regenerative goblins
28-30 d6+10 cancerous goblins
31-33 d4+3 goblins mounted on myconids
34-35 d4+3 goblins mounted on manta rays
36-40 d8+4 red elf amazons
41-45 d6 red elf amazons and a priest of Lazareth the Unattainable
46-48 d4+4 red elf amazons and half that number of red elf painted wizards
49-50 basilisk in palanquin being borne by 2d4 red elf priests of Lazareth the Unattainable
51-54 d4+3 mutated and insane red elves
55 4d10+10 mutated and insane dwarves, goblins, and red elves
56-57 a sorcerer from the Moriad on wildlife expedition, accompanied by d6 characters of the PCs' level, and d10+6 henchmen
58-59 d6 mutant ostriches
60 poison frog swarm
61-63 d6+4 dwarven acolytes of Goaz bearing diamonds in shining censers, and among them a priest of Goaz
64-70 d10+6 dwarven warriors in stone armor
71-75 d4+1 dwarven warriors mounted on triceratops
76-77 a dwarven paladin of Goaz on divine quest (probably involves killing elves and mutants)
78-80 d10+6 mutant dwarves ("The Unclean") on suicide expedition
81-82 d4+2 frog abominations and an acolyte of Tsathoggua
83-84 d3+3 acolytes of Zuggtmoy, 50% chance of accompaniment by a fly demon
85-86 d3+3 acolytes of Ancibin, 50% chance of accompaniment by a locust demon
87 a firewurme*
88 1 or 2 mindflayers, 50% chance of d6+6 mind-controlled attendants (roll again)
89 flailsnail that can do this
90 an ancient orange dragon
91 a beholder
92-94 d6+4 yuan-ti slavers, 50% chance of d10+6 elves or dwarves as captives
95-99 roll again, the second result is mutated; if already mutated, they're now double mutated; if you get this again, they're triple mutated!! Roll on this for mutation
00 roll twice; first result is in combat with the second

*(okay fine: "In form, the Firewurme is much like the earthworms you find in your garden, only it is the size of a dun.  Its body is supple and wrinkled, and it gleams pale white.  It has no teeth, nor does it breathe fire.  But in the Firewurme's white skin there is death, for it secretes an oozing, colorless guam, and this guam burns without flame.  It is said to strip flesh from bone in a matter of minutes. . . . It has a long black tongue,' continued Crann, 'which is also coated with the deadly guam, and the tongue moves with lightning speed.  The Firewurme cannot be harmed through its skin.  It is many layers deep and, like its earthworm cousins, can regenerate itself.  It is rumored that its only vulnerable point is the eye, but the creature's eyelids are as hard as stone.' Crann sighed deeply. 'Yes, I am troubled by the Firewurme.  And frightened. All the armies of the land will amount to naught if the Firewurme comes to Eirren.'")

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