Monday, August 19, 2013

Olomoc, the City of Plazas

Where a clock chimes ceaselessly the next block over, but none look up to witness it.  I believe that I've passed through piazzas that have been empty for years, except for a bronze crow, or an empty fountain, or a bricked over archway.  I've seen fenced cemeteries without gates.  The canals flow directionlessly - south one day, north next week, sometimes so still you could put your hand in the water and feel no pull at all.  In Olomoc, a man who stands still becomes as a rock in the cobbled streets, and as drab.  You could look at him and think that he was a door, instead of a cobbler, or a blacksmith, or a priest.  And a man can get lost in Olomoc.  I met a widowed fishmonger whose husband spent his life carving a likeness of Fluurm the Six-Eyed Goat, and cast a wrought-iron cage to keep it in, and on his sixty-third birthday placed them both in the Plaza of Encouragement, where she told me a rainstorm drove him into an alley for shelter, from which he never emerged.

The people there cut themselves.  I met a man with no fingers, and a man with no name, and a man with no color, for the lords of Olomoc are cripples and wretches, and the citizenry emulate them.  It may be their only passion.


  1. Please, tell me more of these Six-Eyed Goats and Crippled Lords..

    1. Oh yeah, Fluurm. Nick found Fluurm in the catacombs of an abbey to Fenrath, God of Wolves. Fluurm was being worshipped by a dancing crowd of white elves sustained far beyond their natural lifespan. In form he is a six-eyed, six-legged goat with a long tail, carved from stone. Dirtface worships Fluurm now, who grants him unnatural, gross powers.

      I think I got the name from a Frog God games module, I don't remember which one...