Wednesday, April 28, 2021

here's some new spells

 MASSIVE SERPENT BITE: A coiling hydra of serpents bursts from the ground, all in the 10’ area must Dex save DC 18 or 4d10 dmg, then serpents make three bite attacks +12 at 3 targets within 30 feet for an additional 6d10 dmg. 

STEAL SPELL: when cast as a counterspell, success cancels the caster’s spell, and allows you to cast it once.

SLEEP WALL — Cast sleep in a 60’ long, 10’ high, 2” thick wall, any who passes through it must Wisdom save or fall asleep

DEVOUR: swallow a L or smaller target whole, provided they have 100 hitpoints or less. Attack roll, then swallows target, they take 10d10 damage immediately, then take 3d20 dmg per round. 

GREAT CHAOS FIREBALL, a level 7 10’ radius scintillating purple fireball spell that leaves a burning hazard behind for TWO ROUNDS. d6 warp damage and then 3d6 ticking fire damage at the start of every round, and when you go into it. no concentration required,

SOUL ARROW once per day: Make a spell attack roll to deal 6d6 damage.

They can do a dance which causes you to dance too, Wisdom DC 16 or restrained for one round, and 10d6 damage as your body twists and contorts

Vilia can command the spider to cast a spell on everyone in the room: Wisdom DC 18, on failure your speed is slowed to 10. Next round, your speed is slowed to 0. Next round, you’re paralyzed.


1 action

Components: V, S, M

300 range

Duration: Instantaneous

1 target within range, Spell attack roll for 1d10 damage (1. fire 2. acid 3. lightning 4. poison 5. cold 6. force damage and target is petrified until the end of their next turn 7. radiant and blinded until the end of their next turn 8. roll twice). Damage increases according to normal cantrip conventions.

9th level spell ALMAGEST

1 action

Components: V, S

Range: Self

Duration: Instantaneous

The power of the stars is summoned to provide balance to the universe.  Everyone within a cube 240’ on a side is affected, but one point on a cube must touch you, and the cube may only extend to your left. Basically, this is everyone to your left. You are not affected. Everyone within the area of the spell must make a Constitution saving throw as blazing stars streak from the heavens and explode. On a failure, they take 2d8+20 radiant damage and 2d8+20 force damage. On success they take half that.

Magic Missiles deal d4+1 randomly 10 times to everyone within 5’, including self

Create portal 6’ wide between two sources in sight, Portal style for 1 minute, but you’re paralysed for duration

Surfaces within 20’ becomes covered in eyes (Permanent)

Lightning Ball (Like fireball, except lightning and radiates outwards from you, passes through metal)

Slime Form (Reduce All Incoming Dmg to 0, Touching Slaad deals 4d10 dmg, lasts 2 rounds

VOMIT POISON SLIME (Level 7): 40’ cone, deals 6d10 dmg (or half), and on failed save, an additional 3d10dmg for next 1d4 rounds, and also poisoned for 1 minute. Leaves poison patch on floor, if go into, take 1d10 poison dmg and poisoned for 1 round.


Envenom (Cause a held object to become covered in contact poison, Con save DC 18 or 6d10 poison damage, and the object remains poisoned for 1 minute)

Bite (An invisible creature from another dimension takes a massive bite, Attack +12 for 6d10 damage)

COMBINE TWO ADJACENT FOES (Their hit-points are combined, their AC becomes average of the 2, they have all the powers each one would have, but together they only have 1 combined action)

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