Monday, March 31, 2014

100 Things from Dark Souls 2

1. An undead traveling merchant woman with a coughing laugh
2. A curse that can only be broken by speaking with the king
3. A ruined village inhabited by a handful of amnesiacs
4. A giant bird carrying an armored knight in its talons
5. A mass of greenery impaled with swords and laden with skulls
6. A warrior waiting outside a trapped one-way gate; his friend entered and was killed
7. A giant sword impaled into the side of a castle.  A corpse at the end.
8. A petrified giant with a tree impaled through its chest.  Wields its own arm as a club.
9. A door that will only open when shown the King’s Symbol
10. A race of halflings fashioned by a princess to protect a magical bell
11. A door that opens onto a skeleton embedded in dirt
12. A magical bell guarded by six gargoyles
13. A flying knight
14. A severed head of an ancient warrior whose merciless body still lives
15. An undead medusa that holds her own head
16. A giant made of corpses, wielding a butcher’s knife
17. Elephant headed knights
18. Burial urns carved as women that shoot poison darts
19. A deep stepless hole carved into the ground in the center of town; no one knows what’s below
20. A woman in green who speaks oracular secrets
21. A sleeping knight in white armor
22. A crow-headed monster that trades you magical items for powerful souls
23. Giant rats that turn you to stone with their bite
24. An iron keep slowly melting into a pool of lava
25. Large blue-metaled doors
26. A room full of kneeling metal statues of knights wielding halberds
26. The ghost of the castle chancellor receives guests to the throneroom
27. The throneroom is empty of the king and queen, no one knows where they’ve gone
28. A room: on the walls are stone masks that spit poison darts
29. A door: a cursed prisoner is bound to the door; freeing him opens the door
30. A knight who wields a framed mirror for a shield; he can summon spirits through the mirror
31. A singing demon whose voice fills its shrine
32. A frog-demon whose mouth contains a skull and two more arms
33. An underground room filled with unmarked graves
34. A castle perched on a high peak
35. Two old dragon-riders in a room filled with gold
36. A circular room: on the walls are statues of women in robes, a circular hole in center leads down
37. The insane king is undead, and wanders his crypt, dragging his sword behind
38. A dragon skeleton that struggles to come alive and collapses into pieces
39. A giant basilisk in a cage
40. A ruined keep in a foggy glade
41. A pull-lever protruding from a dragons statue’s mouth
42. A table of glowing green potions
43. A petrified cyclops
44. The experimental mutant monsters are dumped into an acid pit; there’s treasure down there
45. A fugitive assumes you are too
46. A tower on a bay, all the windows are filled with fire
47. A map carved into the floor
48. A spell: you sweat so profusely that flame does not affect you
49. A winged demon in a lake of lava shoots lasers, breathes fire
50. A giant rat the size of a truck, vomits acid
51. A priest in a room piled with corpses
52. Tiny flaming butterflies
53. A giant spider with a head on each side of its body
54. A fog-filled forest
55. A stone balcony covered with moss
56. A giant gecko that breathes gas which turns you to stone
57. A manscorpion begs you to kill his sister
58. A fountain filled with skulls
59. A rat king which asks you to swear on the toxic sludge in his kingdom
60. An insane jailer who locked herself inside her prison
61. A withered tree is the corpse of a giant lord
62. A fire-breathing wyvern in a giant cage
63. A giant dragon grants you the power to enter the memories of the dead
64. Mirrors on the wall summon dark spirits
65. Spell: convert experience into damage
66. Spell: turn your weapon invisible
67. A golem with two opposite-facing torsos: one torso wields two maces, the other wields two swords
68. A lizard made of crystal, whose body contains powerful components
69. A gluttonous slug demon
70. An imprisoned maiden in a cage is a memory that disappears when spoken to
71. A small wicker effigy that removes curse when burnt
72. A ring which causes the undead wearing it to appear living
73. Mud pits which are filled with giant worms
74. A great chasm bridged by maze-like wooden platforms and cages
75. A room filled with stone urns
76. A bonfire provides healing to those who rest by it
77. Four ancient women in red robes drink ale from mugs
78. Skeletons imprisoned in rolling wheels, roll at you
79. A room filled with piles of bones
80. The dust of a dead saint, heals you when burned
81. A giant mill-like contraption fills a series of rooms with poison fog
82. A curse which lowers your total health
83. A statue of a woman holding an urn
84. A giant windmill with wires connected to it; cages hang from the wires
85. A large, low-ceilinged room filled with ghouls
86. Horse-headed statues breath fire
87. Horse-headed knight statues come to life, breathe fire
88. An evil knight is hunting a thief who stole his ring
89. Statue: three scaled tails twined together
90. Smoking urns suffocate you
91. A giant rolling boulder down a narrow hall
92. A two-tailed scorpion witch
93. A treasure chest mimic walks on two legs like a man
94. A deep pit filled with spider webs you can walk on
95. A petrified dragon hung in spider webs
96. A room filled with giant rat statues; each holds an urn
97. Hissing monsters which flee light
98. A witch-priest is worshipped by dead cultists
99. An obelisk shrine to the dead by the sea

100. At the bottom of a well is a broken sword

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A bunch of automated generators, and 145 monster powers and 108 monster defenses


The Great NPC Generator

Seven NPC Powers

Seven NPC Resistances

7 AD&D Spells

Level 9 Spells Level 8 Spells Level 7 Spells Level 6 Spells Level 5 Spells Level 4 Spells

Level 3 Spells Level 2 Spells Level 1 Spells

Go here for spell descriptions and Ctrl+F to search

1Knows level 1 spell
2Knows level 2 spell
3Knows level 3 spell
4Knows level 4 spell
5Knows level 5 spell
6Poorly learned level 6 spell
7Poorly learned level 7 spell
8Poorly learned level 8 spell
9Two attacks per round
10Three attacks per round
11Movement 40'
14Spring Attack
17Damage reduction 1
18Damage reduction 5
19Immune to weapons
20Immune to arrows
21Magic resistance
22Multi-shot x3
23Multi-shot x5
25Leap attack
26Always invisible
27Invisible in light
29Flame breath = HD
30Laser eyes
31Vomit slime
32Blinding flash
33Dimension door
34Vomit monster
35Summon monster
36Summon demon
37Hands to daggers
38Always hovering
39Regenerate 1
40Regenerate 5
41Regenerate 10
42Heat Vision 1d4/HD
43Fugue state
44Memory loss 5' radius (last round)
45Memory loss 5' radius (last minute)
46Memory loss 5' radius (total)
47Vomit gore 1d4/HD
48Rust curse 5' radius
52Icy floor 5' radius
53Stone gaze
54Vampiric touch
55Rage touch
56Sickening Aura 
57Explodes on death 1d6/HD
58Level drain
59Level drain 2
60Gas form
61Scorpion swarm
62Animal form
63Color drain
64Strength drain
65Dexterity drain
66Constitution drain
67Wisdom drain
68Intelligence drain
69Charisma drain
70Poisonous bite
71Confusion gaze
72Scab armor (+1 AC per hit)
73Antimagic shell
74Dispelling touch
78Slow, stacking
79Read thoughts
82Eat the dead (heal 1HD)
83Fear 5' radius
84Cause fear
85Regenerating aura 30' 5hp
89Paralyzing touch
90Corroding vomit
91Air to water
92Zero gravity
93Command plants
94Command animals
95Control weather
96Blind to the gods
97Stretchy limbs
98Catch fire
99Control fires
100Walk on water
101Absorb spells d12 levels
102Rebound magic
103Shares hp
104AC+1 / creature 5' radius
105AC+1 / creature 30' radius
106Infravision (or darkvision if has already)
107Darkvision (or infravision if has already)
108Blindsight 5' radius
109Blindsight 30' radius
110Blindsight 60' radius
111Cause disease
112Zombie virus
113Turns into ghoul on death
114Slain foes raise as zombies
115Slain foes raise as wights
116Slain allies raise as ghouls
117Dancing weapon
119Immune to damage
120Raise self after d4 days
121Raise self after d4 rounds
122Damage is split w target
123Damage is split w attacker
125Speak with air
126Incredible Strength (+8)
127Speed 60'
128Speed 100'
129Shrieking touch
130Catch missiles
131Disarm on attack
132Trip on attack
134Followed by raincloud
135Followed by lightning storm
136Followed by blizzard
137Lay on hands
138Shields shall be splintered
139Magnetic anomaly
140Extinguish flames 
141All animals fear
142Become the night
143Discharge spell
144Ally takes action
145Inverted shriek

1Immune to Normal weapons
2Immune to Magical weapons
3Immune to Magic
4Immune to Chaos
5Immune to Law
6Immune to Divine
7Immune to Fire
8Immune to Cold
9Immune to Gas
10Immune to Acid
11Immune to Slime
12Immune to Electricity
13Immune to Disease
14Immune to Magic Missiles
15Immune to Mind affecting abilities
16Immune to Silver
17Immune to Cold iron
18Immune to Swords
19Immune to Cutting weapons
20Immune to Maces
21Immune to Bludgeoning weapons
22Immune to Arrows
23Immune to Slingstones
24Immune to Metal
25Immune to Wood
26Immune to Poison
27Immune to Disease
28Half damage from Normal weapons
29Half damage from Magical weapons
30Half damage from Magic
31Half damage from Chaos
32Half damage from Law
33Half damage from Divine
34Half damage from Fire
35Half damage from Cold
36Half damage from Gas
37Half damage from Acid
38Half damage from Slime
39Half damage from Electricity
40Half damage from Disease
41Half damage from Magic Missiles
42Half damage from Mind affecting abilities
43Half damage from Silver
44Half damage from Cold iron
45Half damage from Swords
46Half damage from Cutting weapons
47Half damage from Maces
48Half damage from Bludgeoning weapons
49Half damage from Arrows
50Half damage from Slingstones
51Half damage from Metal
52Half damage from Wood
53Half damage from Poison
54Half damage from Disease
55Vulnerable to Normal weapons
56Vulnerable to Magical weapons
57Vulnerable to Magic
58Vulnerable to Chaos
59Vulnerable to Law
60Vulnerable to Divine
61Vulnerable to Fire
62Vulnerable to Cold
63Vulnerable to Gas
64Vulnerable to Acid
65Vulnerable to Slime
66Vulnerable to Electricity
67Vulnerable to Disease
68Vulnerable to Magic Missiles
69Vulnerable to Mind affecting abilities
70Vulnerable to Silver
71Vulnerable to Cold iron
72Vulnerable to Swords
73Vulnerable to Cutting weapons
74Vulnerable to Maces
75Vulnerable to Bludgeoning weapons
76Vulnerable to Arrows
77Vulnerable to Slingstones
78Vulnerable to Metal
79Vulnerable to Wood
80Vulnerable to Poison
81Vulnerable to Disease
82Healing from Normal weapons
83Healing from Magical weapons
84Healing from Magic
85Healing from Chaos
86Healing from Law
87Healing from Divine
88Healing from Fire
89Healing from Cold
90Healing from Gas
91Healing from Acid
92Healing from Slime
93Healing from Electricity
94Healing from Disease
95Healing from Magic Missiles
96Healing from Mind affecting abilities
97Healing from Silver
98Healing from Cold iron
99Healing from Swords
100Healing from Cutting weapons
101Healing from Maces
102Healing from Bludgeoning weapons
103Healing from Arrows
104Healing from Slingstones
105Healing from Metal
106Healing from Wood
107Healing from Poison
108Healing from Disease