Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Black Dragon

When three thousand years ago, the flames of the Black Dragon Deirregex rolled down his fortress mountain they burned away all compassion, clarity, fortitude, and insight, and left only Sundrgast and Kaldr Hust, the Cities of Poison and Bone. Sundrgast, where the long-armed snail-men toil in malice to grow their yellow master a fitting bride, and Kaldr Hust, where the kenku dance in dim glass palaces the flitting dance to please their twice-blind mother, seek equally and incessantly the Diamond Heart of Deirregex. For to gift the dragon's diamond heart, worshipped now in His White Dungeons by albino hyena-men and midnight salamanders, and recovered each millennium by the Nightmare Paladin who sits dreaming between the paws of Great Deirregex, is to incur a doom upon the recipient, so that, each hating the other, Kaldr Hust and Sundrgast long to trap their brother city in the inescapable fate of

More information about Deirregex, the Black Dragon.
Deirregex does not suffer his own movement without taking at least seventy-seven mortal lives.
Deirregex was largely responsible for the downfall of Velenheim, Kingdom of the White Elves.
The crown of the Hatemountain which rises east of Velenheim was once the Throne and Parthenon of the frost giants, before Deirregex killed them and forced the remaining giants north, where they built the Fortress of Snow, and continue to seek their revenge.
Deirregex breathes fire, and his blood is poison. 
He witnessed the battle between the gods and demon lords at the beginning of time and stirred not, except to breathe in the fires of Imix Prince of the Flames as he lay dying, and let them mingle with his own.
Along with his Heart, Deirregex is purported to possess the Third Egg of the Unmonkey, a sword which can grant its wielder flight, the Crown, Axe, and Brain of the frost giant king Agalloch, and the phylactery of Teth, one of the Four Dead Kings of Velenheim.
The gaze of the left eye of Deirregex corrodes metal, and the gaze of the right eye of Deirregex corrodes air, yet so lazy is he that Deirregex prefers to see with his third eye, which is red, and corrodes only courage.
Deirregex learned his magic by crawling the ancient tunnels deep in the earth which form the letters of the First Spell, which the Demon Lords cast to create the world
He is worshipped by those taken by sloth and rankor; heretical white elves and frost giants, beastmen, centigors, and several demons; and those who drink blood.
His immunities are unknown.
His mountain is only a few days east of the furthest inhabited buildings of Velenheim.

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