Sunday, February 9, 2014

Overnight cleric spells

I can't believe I'm awake for three more hours

Spells to Fenrath, God of Wolves

Curses the target with vulnerability to silver.  Being touched by silver causes an extra d8 damage for the duration of the spell, and forces a Constitution check, or be nauseated for 1 minute.

The cleric radiates a poisoned moonlight.  Skin exposed to the moonlight hardens and dries, dealing d8 damage per round and reducing Dexterity by 1 per round.  Lasts 1 round per cleric level.

The cleric's head turns into a wolf-head.  The wolf's fur is incredibly keen and it shines.  The wolf-head can bite for 1d6 damage and it can also shoot a laser from its mouth for d6 damage per cleric level, Reflex save to dodge it.

Spells to Belm, God of Snow and Stone

Cleric's left eye turns to stone. If a foe's blood is smeared onto the stone, then the cleric's spells hereafter effect that foe at double strength (double the damage, or twice the duration, etc.). Spell lasts until cancelled, or until one minute after the foe's blood touches the stone.

Replaces a severed limb with a stone limb that functions at Strength 18, Dexterity 8, and Constitution 20. This limb is immune to poison and disease and possesses magic resistance 50%. The limb lasts for ten minutes per level.

The roads or halls of the cleric's immediate vicinity become rearranged. Roll on your favorite random name list and take the third letter of the name - the road or hallway instantly permutes to that shape, while retaining the same total length, buildings, and exits (if indoors).  Total length is 10' per level (indoors) and 25 per level (outdoors).

Spells to the Fathom Wyrm, God of the Ocean

The cleric vomits forth a swarm of winged flying eels, which has HD equal to his level, AC 14, attacks for 2d4 damage per round and latches on dealing a cumulative 1/round after leaving the swarm, bites with a poison which causes hallucinations of drowning, can fly 60' per round, and is 30' wide. The swarm is permanent and hostile to all.  

Cleric causes target's blood to be slowly replaced with the ocean. First they take 1d4 damage, then 1d6, up to 1d12, then 2d12, cumulative, either until they save or explode and die, releasing enough water to wash knock everyone within fifty feet prone and fill a swimming pool with ocean water. There are fish and crabs in there. 1 in 6 chance of an ocean encounter. No save for first round/caster level.

Cleric causes the water within twenty feet of target (boats okay) to run slow, not thick like mucous, but viscous, impossible to swim in. Boats are trapped, creatures are entangled, fish can't breathe. 1 round/level

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