Tuesday, October 15, 2019

the west

It is said that Deirregex, the Black Dragon, came out of the west, and drove out the frost giants of the Hatemountain, and made war upon the white elves of Velenheim, and made their civilization into ruin

To the west lies great Belmric, the city in snow, and the wastes around Belmric are covered in the bones of the wars brought to the city, and over the bones the many winters of snow have fallen, and more bones, and ice

West of Belmric, the Merelunds, where the seven cursed lakes lie in fog, and the seven city-states make slow wars in the deep fog, except for Dead Kizaad, which was laid waste by Vlaurung, the Red Dragon

West of the Merelunds it said lies the Kingdom of Lamdru, who was born of the Egg Moon, and keeps 700 wives

It is said that the worst spirits can be called from the West, that they are invincible, indestructible, and possessed of unbreakable strength, and unbreakable resolve, and a desire for murder, but can be tricked with simple tasks, which they devote all their attention and care to, until they are released, and called back to the West

Hagar Blath, Queen of the Witches, who rules in the Mountains of Hunger, came out of the west as well, and usurped the Sky Witch, who fled in her Flying Fortress and was not seen for years uncounted

The spirits of the North and the South are sometimes called good, for they are at worst benign, or trickster spirits, who at their own leisure do not make murder or wreak harm, only small mischiefs, or even aid

The spirits of the East are cruel, unapproachable, powerful, and capricious. Beware a dry east wind. But beware most the high, cold winds that blow strongly from the west, for it is a herald of death

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