Monday, September 9, 2019


king has stairs in his chest leading down
king kills anyone who comes before him, this is widely known and accepted
king has gone to live on foreign star, promises to return
king wields sword, only weapon that can slay him
king has killed all the dragons except one
king can see your moral failings
king has one red side, one human side, red side exists in hell
king has dagger in his chest from attempted assassination, if dagger removed, king dies and kingdom goes with it
king has flooded throneroom with swamp water
king has flooded throneroom with his own tears
king has flooded throneroom with blood from own subjects
king emits strange song whenever his mouth opens
king is completely silent, never talks or moves
king will move again in 25 years, until that, you're on your own
king is weak and easily subdued
king enjoys watching children, children are with him at all times
king is only one who knows the way to the true throneroom
king is only one who knows he is not the true king
king has locked his double in a tower underground, if they come within 10 feet, they both die
king holds a scepter that determines the true heir
king has strange wife
king has evil wife
king's wife has disappeared
king has four princes and one princess, each is battling for control of kingdom
king has forgotten his identity
king has been cursed to be a strange object or animal
king has been cursed so that his hands are extremely heavy
king always sees one day into the future
king knows how his kingdom will fall, desperately working to prevent this
king has kindly wife
evil king
king is jealous of other king, works his subjects far too hard in order to beat this other king
king plotting to gain control of sun or moon or important weather (storms, winter), in order to further shore up his claim to the throne
king can bring the dead to life
king has one golden hand
everything king touches turns to wheat
king is guarded by two angels, who give him divine guidance and friendship
king is wisest in all the land, except he is too old and no one listens
king has trusted councilor who gives evil advice, is working for evil end
king has sworn fealty to an evil emperor, cannot see or overlooks his flaws
king desires a surplus of beautiful maidens
king's wife desires of surplus of exotic fruit (pomegranates, tangerines, cherries)
king has been appointed by demon of hell, maintains reign by demonstrating demonic power


  1. Absolutely love this! Seems like there should be a land of kings, where every dungeon is a castle, and every castle holds a king.

  2. As I was going to St. Nid's,
    I saw a king with seven kids
    Each kid was spinning round
    Each kid had seven crowns
    Each crown had seven spikes
    Each kid was Dick Van Dyke
    Each spike was gushing blood
    St. Nid's road was now aflood
    King, spikes, crowns, kids;
    How many were bloody at St. Nid's?