Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Here's Some Maps I Used and a Few Pictures

This is the starting town in my new home game, set in Vomic Leth "The Forest of Cats"  It's pretty safe and the guards are lenient, plenty of room to pick-pocket and date around.

The journey they're on in my online game, start is the prison at top-left, destination is the labyrinth at bottom-right. Basically each section of this map I zoomed in and made my own map with encounters and landmarks, but they're using this one as a general guide. By time it's not a very long journey but it's really dense and dangerous. Right now they're in the Nameless City, an abandoned and ancient and haunted place.

Map I used for the Thrice Cursed Prison of Dendric Vast. They were here for about a year. Generated from

This is the boss room, it's a cube and they could walk on the walls and one wall lead to open sky 10,000 feet over the Cathedral of Change

I forgot I made this, first diagram and ideas about the prison.

This was Lady Bath, the sorceress summoned to Beldr Tuum to buy the Medusa's eyes. She could mind control instantaneously with her gaze, she traveled in a carriage made of an elephant skull, when she died her body was revealed to be only a puppet. Who is she really...?

Picture used to illustrate the scale of the Temple of a Forgotten God in the Nameless City.  Thomson: "So, that speck down in the bottom left, that's, a person...?" Me: "Yeah"  From a distance it was regular sized, but the closer they got the bigger it became, and now they're trapped by the influence of its vile god. All paths return to the St. Peter's Square style plaza at its base, where a long fish swims counter-clockwise in a fountain of stagnant water.

"Okay, the Nameless City looks sort of like this"  It's all Beksinski themed.

The skull of Urizen, Demon Lord of Change, whose body blights the landscape west of the Red Lake. It's as large as a mountain. 

That's all I got for now. 

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