Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here's the random encounter table for this dungeon

Basically roll on this every 10 minutes they're in the prison and every time they make some especially loud noise or just dawdle for a really long time. When they overcome an encounter, cross it off and write a new one. That's what the lettered encounters are.

1. the slime dragon HP ?? AC ?? Attacks ?? Special Attack SLIME BREATH, damage unknown Damage reduction ?? Movement 5' Special Movement: extend a slime pseudopod up to 60' and whip its entire body that length in an instant
2. d20 drunk prison guards. they jokingly arrest and imprison the players, haha!
2a. same prison guards, now sober. They are escorting a new prisoner, he is a blue-skinned meditating man floating in a pink crystal orb. The guards are very nervous and cranky and want to get to the inn. When they see the PCs they go, “Hey! Take this fellow to the cages in the big room. We’ve got work to do.” They are bristling with steel, and among them is MID SERGEANT ROBER LORB, who out-ranks the PCs by one (he has a badge to show it). If they don’t follow his orders he’ll report them to TALTRATH YRBICORN, who will write them up for insubordination. THE PRISONER: is COSEY NIO. As soon as he is alone he escapes his cell and gets added to the encounter list here, where he immediately flees anyone who sees him.
2b Cosey Nio. HP 30 AC ?? Speed 40, can blink 40' as a reaction when hit Attacks ?? Spells encountered: EXCEPTIONAL KNIFE: a giant glowing blue force-knife whirls around him for 10 rounds. Anyone within 10’ or who starts their turn there takes 4d6 force damage (DEX save 20 for half) and is pushed out of the area. If concentration is broken, the knife goes shooting off in a random direction, damaging everyone in its path, and shatters at the end in a 20’ radius explosion.
3. d4+1 prison knights. HP ?? AC Plate mail and shield attacks: Halberd, Longbow, shackles, nets, torches, ?? movement 30 They mistake the players for an escaped prisoner and arrest them.
3a. ??
4.  an escaped prisoner is sneaking! stalking him is a ghoul, who will catch and eat him in d6 turns. Ghoul: HP 12 AC 12 Bite+5 1d6+1 and Con save DC 15 or ?? Movement 30 Special movement ??
4a. ??
5. ??
6. ??
7. ??
8. ??
9. d20+8 HUNGRY AND CUNNING DOGS. As level 3 thieves. HP 12, AC 13, Bite +5 1d4+1 and sneak attack 2d6. Thieves skills: ?? Movement 30
9a. ??
9b. ??
9c. DOGS LEAD SOMETHING HORRIBLE YOUR WAY: barking and yipping, the room floods with dogs that run away as fast as possible, hot on their tail is: 1. the dragon 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ??
9d. ??
9e. ??
9f. THE DOGS HATE YOU: at the next NPC encounter, there are a few of these dogs there hanging out with the locals. when the PCs engage, the dogs make threatening noises, and the NPCs immediately begin to hate and distrust the PCs. All charisma checks made at -5.
10. Lantern out of oil! It goes out.
10a. ??
11. Hungry! Eat or become fatigued
12. ??
13. Next room is a blessed or ??? room
14. Nothing
15. Nothing
16. Nothing
17. Nothing
18. The witch HOPE (a wretched crone) is searching for a demon head. She will answer one question in exchange for a taste of blood and a fond memory. HP ?? AC ?? Movement ?? Attacks ?? Spells ??
18a. ??
19. d4+1 dark-knights. they carry anti-torches that prevent normal light from functioning. HD 5 Fighters AC 18 2 Attacks +6 1d8+2/1d8+2 Movement 30
19a. d4+1 dead dark-knights. their anti-torches are nearby.
20. a LORD OF CHANGE  in the shape of a rotting, feathered man with a vulture’s head and a rotting wood staff accompanied by ??d?? cultists of urizen. DEMON: HP ?? AC ?? Special Defenses ?? Attacks ?? Special Attacks ?? Movement ?? Special: 1/round at random: 1. Room is now underwater 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. Polymorph into ?? or Elderly 5. ?? 6. ?? 7. ?? 8. ??

When under the influence of HORSEHEAD, 50% chance any of these encounters is replaced by d20 glowing radioactive skeletons. HP 5 AC 11 Attack: Claw +5 1d4+1, also 1d6 damage per round to all within 15’, if a player takes 6 damage at once this way they gain a random mutation.

Good luck!

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