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Psychic Kung Fu Fantasy Pirates

These are for my new wavecrawler campaign. I want my players to get random weird abilities regardless of their level and I just love the idea of weird fantasy pirates using kung fu and psychic powers. If you're in my game and don't want to be spoiled, don't read these! You'll see the lists if you ever get a power anyway.
Psychic powers  
Each time you get knocked unconscious you have a 1% chance to learn one of these. I figure you could either roll every time you get KO'd or tally it up per session and roll at the end of session, or when you level up. If that turns out tedious or annoying then I'll would probably change it to be every time you level up you have a d% chance = your Charisma score.
These can be used once per week, or you can recharge one by spending d20 points of your favorite psychic ability score, which regenerate one point per night of rest. 
DC = 8 + Proficiency bonus + Charisma mod (5e) or 10 + Charisma mod + 1/2 Level (3e) or Save vs Spell (I guess). 
Roll 1d20
1. MIND BLAST: Shimmering zig-zag lines spring from your head. Everyone in a 25’ foot cone must make a Will save or take 8d6 damage and be stunned for 1 round. (Mindflayers in my campaigns can use this one at will)
2. CHAMBER OF POWER - your chest bursts open and becomes a psionic fire pit -- replace CON with CHA and you shoot psychic fire at a random target within 300’ every round for 2d6 damage for 1d4+CHA bonus rounds, and then you start to attract all magic into your chest for 1d4 rounds—all magic cast within 300’ caster must make a Will save or target you instead—and then your chest explodes in a flash of light 300’ wide, and everyone within 30’ (including you) must CON save or go blind for 1d6 rounds.
3. POORLY LEARNED SPELL. you learn a random spell that has a 50% chance of backfiring.  Every time you successfully cast the spell you get d20% better at casting it.
4. TELEPATHY--lasts d6x10 minutes. Range 300' feet. You can communicate back and forth, send images, etc., any thought you could plausibly have can be transmitted.
5. MARTYR POWER - You must make eye-contact with a target within 10’. They will take 2x the damage or healing that you receive for 3d4 rounds (Will save).
6. Everyone in fifteen foot sphere is pushed away 5d4 feet, wall and ceiling crushed away in perfect sphere, you get a nosebleed. If someone is crushed against a wall or object they take 8d6 damage (Con save for half)
7. You instantly learn the next d20 d20 rolls you'll witness. This includes ability checks, saving throws, attack rolls, and so on.
8. FROM THE FUTURE - an extra, helpful you from the future appears and acts for 1d4 rounds, and then you both disappear for that number of rounds, and then you reappear alone.
9. FUGUE STATE - you revert to the state you were 1d4 rounds ago and all your actions are undone
10. NEXT MELEE ATTACK DAMAGE = damage you just took
11. SPLIT VISION—Your vision goes split-screen.  One side of the screen shows what’s in the location where you use the power, as if you’re still there, and the other side of the screen shows where you can currently see.  This lasts for 1d6x10 minutes.
12. Anti-magnetic - repel metal at the same rate as it hits you for 1d4 rounds. You can't touch metal or wear metal armor and you float a centimeter off of metal floors, but that's frictionless so you'll probably fall if you try.
13. Change the color of your skin (is a little imprecise and lasts until you use it again)
14. Vomit Flesh—You vomit 5d4 pounds of living, bloody meat.
15. Weapon floats in front of you and uses your INT instead of STR for attack and damage. You can use it each round as a bonus action for 1d10 rounds.
16. BLISTERING TELEPORT WALK: Woommmm... you flicker as you levitate through the air up to 2x your move; you're immune to damage during the move.
17. Everyone in 10' radius sphere (centered on you) instantly forgets everything they know about you, forever. (Will save to resist)
18. CAUSE MUTATION: Target must save or gain d6 random mutations. You black out for d4 rounds.
19. Next sentence you speak is automatically believed (no save)

20. Mind probe. Touch enemy’s head. The target makes a Will save. On failure it suffers 1d6+CHA damage and is stunned and you gain complete knowledge of the past 1d4+Cha mod days of its life OR Complete knowledge of some finite area of understanding roughly equal in contents to a short book OR You gain 1d4 of its Skill or Weapon proficiencies OR One spell it knows.  This knowledge fades after a day.  If the target makes its save, the power backlashes and you take 3d6+CHA damage.

Kung Fu Powers

Each time you kill a guy in melee combat you have a 1% chance to learn one of these. You'd probably want to tally these per session instead of rolling each time you off a guy. Like above you could probably do a d% chance = Wisdom every time you level up if you wanted to simplify things, or just grant them every so often. In my last campaign I let melee characters without any magical powers get one every other level and it worked out really well. Everyone love it. Nick got Pythagorean Leap at level 2 and spent the next two years stacking dice.

These are usable once per day, i.e. you get them back after a Long Rest.

These are all from Zak Smith's call for kung fu moves for his crowdsourced Gigacrawler game, so specific authors are multiple - see - seriously these are all really good, but these 20 are my favorite. I'm so glad these got made.

Roll 1d20

1.      Golden Monkey Hook Strike: Leap into the air, hook leg around target's neck, land on the ground and attempt to crush trachea. A successful hit automatically causes 4 damage + target makes Fortitude save v. DC 10 + 1/2 Level + Dexterity Modifier to avoid 4 choking damage, plus target is on the ground and grappled.
2.      Lucky Number Dodge: PC chooses a number between 10 and 20. Each time an attacker rolls that number to hit the PC, s/he may automatically trip the attacker.  Once per day when an attacker rolls that number, the PC may automatically dodge that attack.
3.      Thousand Drunken Tongues Technique: After a successful unarmed to-hit roll, the player begins to speak and the GM starts a stopwatch. The player must then continuously describe, in detail, a series of physical movements his or her character is using to attack his or her enemy, without stopping.

(Example: "I leap into the air, twist, land on top of the guy's head, reach down, shove my fingers into his eyesockets, pluck out one eye, throw it into the air, slice it in half with my dagger, catch the pieces in my mouth, spit them into his face, jump off his head, sweep his legs out from under him, catch him by the hair, throw him through the window, jump through after him, punch him in the neck four times before he hitsthe ground"...etc.)

If the player pauses for more than one second ("one Miss-iss-ipp-i") the recitation must stop and the GM stops the stopwatch. The longer the player speaks, the more dangerous the attack. The attack causes damage equal to one third the number ofseconds the description goes on (rounded down).

The described attack does indeed occur--though it can only include actions which thePC (or, at least, a Jet Li-like version of the 
character) could physically perform--i.e. if the PC can't eat metal then the description cannot include the PC eating the target's sword. If the description suggests some result in addition to direct physical damage from the assault (i.e. if the strike involves the target being disarmed or thrown into a spike-filled pit), the target may be allowed a Reflex save v. the attacker’s Dexterity.

Although the described attack can include any number of actions involving weapons, they do no additional damage and the initial to-hit roll is made as if it were an unarmed strike. If more than one target is included in the description the PC can decide how exactly to allocate the damage generated.

An attack description can last up to 30 seconds.
4.      Familiar Ancient Ronin Dodge. If a PC is being attacked by two or more foes at once (melee or missile), this allows the PC to cause the enemies to hit each other (if the physical set up makes that plausible). The PC must successfully dodge the first attack, thereafter the other attacks are presumed to have been dodged as well. Theenemies all then make their attacks at each other. If the PC's roll is unsuccessful, it's wasted for the day.
5.      Palm of Unfathomable Justice: The PC may make 3 armed or unarmed melee attacks this round, using Strength for attack and damage on the first strike, Dexterity for the second, and Wisdom for the third.
6.      Keening Vampire Lunge: The PC must use a bladed or spiked weapon, claw or bite attack or anything else that could cause a bleeding wound. The attack is resolved as normal, but the defender gets a penalty to melee attack rolls equal to damage taken for 1d4 rounds. The attacker gains the same amount as a bonus for the same number of rounds.
7.      Pythagorean Leap: Set a d20 down. Now, stack dice on top of it. When thestack falls, count the number of dice. You may strike anyone within that number x5 feet, by leaping against a ceiling or wall and then straight at them. You can also simply jump that distance without attacking, or use a weapon in mid-leap (useful for dropping a bomb right on top someone, for instance).
8.      Nebulous Pin of Hot Anguish: Arms behind your back, you bump the target with your chest. Until the end of your next turn, if the target moves away or attempts to attack you, it takes damage equal to your Charisma modifier + your Wisdom modifier.
9.      Music From the Heart of Space: Make a melee touch attack using your Charisma instead of Strength. You swirl your arm, touch the target and speak a proverb. Target falls asleep for 1d4 rounds. 
10.  Golden Orbital Whip: As a full-round action, you move your speed to a target and resolve an attack. The target does not take damage but instead moves a distance in feet equal to your Strength to collide with another target. Roll 1d6:

1- First target takes damage and Second target falls
2- Second target takes damage and First target falls
3- Both targets fall down
4- Both targets take damage
5- Both targets fall down
6- Resolve an attack against the second target, using the Armor Class of the first target.
11.  Portal of Akenhopis: This is a stance of whirling limbs which reduces any projectile damage by d20 for 1d4 rounds.  Any damage reduced to 0 is deflected back at the attacker. The effect will also end when the user makes any hand-to-hand attack or attack with a handheld weapon.
12.  Accumulative JudgmentThe practitioner touches a nearby individual, either PC or NPC, who is NOT antagonistic toward the practitioner, at the same time voicing a short exhortation of action. If a PC, the player may choose not to participate, but participation can be the character's only attack for the round. Thetouched individual then touches another (as yet untouched) individual, and so on, to a maximum of 1d6 individuals per level of the practitioner. All individuals touched in this way become immediately focused in mind and body, shaking off stupors, glamors, minor hallucinations, simple hypnotic states, and other dazes of mundane or magical nature. Additionally, the final individual so touched attacks an opponent ofthe practitioner. This strike inflicts normal damage, plus 1 point for every person in the chain of Accumulative Judgement, including the striker, but not including theoriginating practitioner.
  1. Claw of Megathrox. Using a clever feint, the PC grabs two of an enemy's limbs, spins, hooks a third limb under his/her leg and twists the third limb back upon itself, rendering it useless. The complexity of the attack requires the target to have at least 3 arms or appendages placed roughly where arms would be. It is useless against two-armed creatures (or creatures with only 2 functioning arms). If the PC's Dexterity is higher than the target’s Constitution, the twist is automatically successful. If it is equal or less than the target's Constitution, there is an opposed Dexterity v. Strength roll. A successful attack also does d4 hp damage.
  2. Reptile Emperor Ninefold Seeking Fist. The PC can attempt to redirect up to 9 attacks by creatures in a 15-foot radius toward any target of his/her choosing. The PC must announce his/her attention to use this technique at the beginning of a round but the GM should proceed as if the creatures under his/her control do not know this is about to happen. The attacks must be ones that could plausibly be redirected by physically manipulating the attacker (for example, a psionic attack would not be redirected). The PC makes a Dexterity roll against the attack roll of each attacker, a success indicates the attack has been redirected and must be rolled against the new target instead of the intended one. If no attacks are made in that round, oh well, thetechnique is wasted for the day.
  3. Cataract of steel and blood. The PC makes an attack with a weapon he is holding. If it hits, he may drop the weapon, draw another one and make another attack. This goes on until the PC misses or runs out of weapons. He can use any kind of weapon during the cataract, from knives and clubs to firearms (althought he firearms must be loaded). Unarmed counts as one weapon unless he can make more than one unarmed attack per round.
  4. Amazing ram onslaught. During the PCs turn, he may move through any enemys position or square or hex or whatever movement system you use. Each time he does so, he gets to make an unarmed attack against that enemy. If the unarmed attack deals damage, the enemy is knocked down. He may keep moving even if the attack misses.
  5. Someday Soon Your Doom Is Coming. .Select an opponent you have struck in another combat-- not THIS fight, but any combat previous. ANY contested roll or attack roll made against this character is at +1 for the duration of the combat. If they survive & you use this technique in ANOTHER combat, the bonus increases by one...& so on & so on, until at last you are victorious & kill them.
  6. Qolra-Huun's Ascent. You may move in a normal-to-high gravity atmosphere as if in a 0-gravity atmosphere until the end of the next round.
  7. Tiger Facial: A series of furious claw attacks wrecks the target's face: make a successful attack and roll d6
    1 Just deep wounds (dripping blood blinds opponent 1 round)
    2 You leave a horrible scar (-2 to attack rolls from pain until healed)
    3 You pluck off one of their lips; +d4 damage
    4 You rip your victim's nose off; +d8 damage
    5 Raking one eye out you leave the target half-blind; +d10 damage
    6 You hold your target's face while he bleeds and howls; +d20 damage
  8. Boiling Miracle Axe-

    Make contact with a heat source equal to or in excess of 100c (pass your hand near a lantern, block a laser blast with your fist). Your fluid movement "catches" this heat, usually blocking or snuffing the source, and spirals it down until you strike the surface on which you stand. Any creature or electronic device within 15' of you suffers damage; you take no additional damage. The amount of heat you can transition is based on your WISDOM and, as shown on chart below with corresponding damage:


You may use this move as a reaction when faced with a fire-based attack. You take damage as normal but may execute the manuever. The user can choose to hold therelease of the heat until next round. If he elects to do so, the user suffers additional damage as outlined above.

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